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Banging Gears TV Show – Amazon Prime

Banging Gears TV Show – For a few weeks now I have seen posts on the interwebz via social media about a new show Banging Gears. The most interesting part is most of our car friends are participating in the show. I don’t want to give too many details / spoilers away, so you will have to tune in for yourself. As mentioned via the Banging Gears website:


More About Banging Gears TV Show

Over the past 30 years, two types of performance cars have emerged as mortal enemies: Supercars and JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) cars.  Supercars are no strangers to automotive enthusiasts – brands like Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini need no introduction. JDM cars are Japanese performance vehicles, including the Nissan GTR, Acura NSX, and Toyota Supra. Both types of cars are more than competent on both street and track, but their rivalry begs the essential question:  Which are better – Supercars or JDM cars? 

The Supercar/JDM rivalry can trace its roots to 1990 when Acura released the groundbreaking NSX. Critics hailed it as a Ferrari rival – some went as far as calling it a Ferrari killer – and praised its handling and reliability. There was even debate as to whether the NSX had crossed the line from sports car to supercar – words that were sacrilegious to supercar purists. A decade later, the iconic scene in The Fast and the Furious where Paul Walker and Vin Diesel raced the orange Toyota Supra against a Ferrari F355 put the rivalry into overdrive. Since then, the Supercar/JDM car rivalry has only gotten more intense.  

Considering the rivalry, the question remains – how do we determine which cars are superior? The answer is simple – put them on the track and let them battle it out like they were designed to do. 

Participants on Banging Gears represent one of two teams – the Supercar team or the JDM team. Each team will have 3 drivers, and they’ll compete in the following events: 

  • 0-60 mph 
  • 0-125 mph 
  • 0-100-0 mph 
  • 40-140 mph 
  • ¼ mile Drag Race 
  • Timed Road Course 
  • Rev Battle 

To ensure competitive racing, the cars will compete in three power classes, and each team will enter one car per division. All cars will be dyno-tested at the wheel to ensure they qualify for their respective class. The power classes are as follows:  

  • Sport: Up to 600 hp 
  • Super: 601 hp to 800 hp
  • Hyper: 801 hp and up  

Banging Gears will be filmed at Dream Racing, which is located within Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It premieres on Amazon Prime Video in the summer of 2023, and promises to be the most exciting, action-packed car show since Top Gear in its glory day! You’ll see the world’s most extreme cars driven by the automotive enthusiasts you know and follow famous car personalities, your favorite automotive YouTubers, and the most diehard petrolheads on the planet. You’ll watch as brutally powerful Lamborghini Aventadors and technology-laden Ferrari SF90 Stradales compete against the nimble Acura NSX and mega-horsepower Nissan GTRs. Banging Gears has no room for posers – so sit down, buckle up, and get ready for the ride of your life!

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