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Car Show judging standards is the most important aspect of any car show. A standard that is established so car show competitors know what areas the judging committee is looking for when judging your vehicle at an event.

Our judging staff is an experienced group who all has built or competed in auto shows at a national level. Our most senior judging members have competed within the International Show Car Association (ISCA) and knows what it takes to build a winning show car.

The purpose of this post is to touch on the areas we, as judges, look for when we judge a car show.

Some of the sections below may seem like common sense areas that are looked at when being judged, but you will be surprised how many people don’t realize what is covered. The guidelines we have set forth for our process can be implemented at any car show venue; whether it is an indoor show or an outdoor show we will judge within our guidelines. We have a strict standard when judging and our goal is to maintain consistency throughout the judging class. Even though judging a vehicle is subjective, our goal is to maintain a standard.

Below are the key areas we grade on. We use a 1 through 10 point scale system, with 10 being PERFECT.

Car Show Judging Sections

– Cleanliness
– Display
– Paint / Exterior Finish
– Body
– Underbody
– Engine / Performance
– Brake / Suspension
– Wheel / Tire
– Interior
– Audio / Video

If you ever have any questions and / or concerns with the way your vehicle is judged at an event, please ask any one of the judging staff members and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

Keep in mind, our guidelines and point system was generated to be used at any venue. The 100 point scale system is meant to be able to judge a local car show all the way to a Ridler Award style vehicle.

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