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Detail Garage Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – After owning Executive Mobile Car Wash for 21 years, Darren and Angel Dudeck finally had to throw in the towel after spending countless hours in the Las Vegas heat. Taking their automotive detailing experience to the next level and passing on their expertise to other enthusiasts is exactly what they decided to do. So, what’s next, how about a Detail Garage Las Vegas automotive detail supply super store?

After working with Chemical Guys products over the years, Darren and Angel decided they needed to revamp their business strategy and get out of the heat. To become an expert in your craft, you must be willing to do your research, learn the products and tools you are working with. While researching the Chemical Guys products, Darren stumbled upon information to own a Detail Garage Franchise and decided to investigate it further.

Darren and Angel made the trip out to California to begin the process of following through with their business plan; the Detail Garage Franchise program was their answer. One of the deciding factors to open a Detail Garage retail store in Las Vegas, Nevada is their prior experience with the Chemical Guys products and how much they enjoyed working with them.

The experience of being in the detailing business for over 20 years is a perfect marriage for the Detail Garage franchisee selection process. Despite the negative sentiment in bricks and mortar retail, Detail Garage’s success stems from a rigorous franchisee selection process, the ability to provide top-notch training and the tools to launch a successful retail business. Coupled with Darren and Angel’s detailing knowledge, the Grand Opening of their Detail Garage Las Vegas store is a proven recipe for success.

Not only is Darren and Angel getting out of the sun, they can launch their very own retail business and work with DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) in their area to educate them on the very products that helped gain their success. As with any Detail Garage store throughout the nation, you will find that customer service is the number 1 priority providing 1 on 1 attention to every customer walking through the door. That is one of the attributes that Darren and Angel have carried over from owning their own business.

Darren and Angel now start their day in the shade. They open the front door, get the cash registers ready, turn on the TVs so you can check out the Chemical Guys YouTube Channel, make sure the shelves are fully stocked and the store is immaculate for their guests as they arrive. It’s a lot of hard work and as a bit of advice for new franchisees, Darren recommends that you open your store with hired staff. They spent the first 6 months working 7 days a week. However, their dedication and drive has started the process for them to plan to open additional Detail Garage Las Vegas stores throughout the area as well as plans to expand into other areas.

Darren and Angel Dudeck are both very proud of their accomplishments and proud to be a part of a growing franchise.

Be sure to stop by and visit Darren and Angel at: 2360 South Rainbow #3 LV, NV 89146
Keep an eye out on their social media channels for upcoming events like Rides and Coffee as well as specials and giveaways.

Detail Garage Las Vegas

More About Detail Garage: Detail Garage Detailing Supplies Superstore is your one stop destination for all thing’s car care. Exclusively offering premium brands Chemical Guys, Smartwax, TORQ, Hex-Logic, and much more. Detail Garage offers a wide variety of car wash chemicals, mobile detailing products and accessories for all your auto detailing needs. Detail Garage is more than just a store, it is a community of people who care about cars.

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