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GRACIES FIGHT Charity Car Show

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GRACIES FIGHT Charity Car Show 2021

GRACIES FIGHT Charity Car Show – It is always a heartwarming feeling when the community comes together to help families in need and know that there are complete strangers out there willing to give back. Pep Boys Speed Shop Glen Burnie, MD. hosted a charity car show for a little girl named GRACIE.

Here’s a bit more about Ms. GRACIE from her mommy Jessica:

Hello everyone I wanted to take a minute to introduce Gracie & our family ! My name is Jessica I am Gracie’s mommy & Vincent Brian Price is Gracie’s Daddy she also has an older sister Hayleigh & a younger sister Autumn !

Gracie is currently 3 years old & unfortunately was diagnosed with leukodystrophy in May 2020. Inside of leukodystrophy there are 1000s of types, the specific one that Gracie has is called “krabbe disease”, this is a genetic brain disorder and at this time has no cure.

Gracie was born perfectly healthy she had zero signs that anything was wrong. It wasn’t till she was 15 months old that we started to notice she was declining, she didn’t want to stand anymore she wouldn’t crawl and she couldn’t hold her head up anymore. We made the decision to take her to Johns Hopkins and that is where they did the MRI that changed all of our lives forever.

Gracie now suffers from sever muscle spasms and seizures several times a day and takes 3 different medications 2 times a day to make them less severe. Gracie refuses to give up she gets up everyday and fights hard she does physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and assistive technology therapy. She does one of these a day every week but that doesn’t stop her she is still determined to give it the best fight she can ! She is the strongest person I have ever met in my life and we couldn’t be prouder of her !

We hope to see you all here & allow you all to meet Gracie in person ! But if you are from out of town or can’t make it and would still like to help our girl live the best life she can and help with medical expenses & equipment she needs. I will post her gofund me link below ! Again thank you all for all of your support love & prayers for our girl !

GO Fund Me – Gracie’s Fight – Leukodystrophy Krabbe

GRACIE and Jeremy, Pep Boys Speed Shop Manager

I personally am always overwhelmed with the way the car community comes together. It was great to see everyone out from the rides, food vendors and foot traffic throughout the event with folks purchasing show shirts, raffles, etc. all to support Ms. Gracie. Over 120+ vehicles and a ton of folks have donated for the cause. Thank you!

My wife Jennifer and Daughter Jaden came out to grab some photos. Check out the support below and on behalf of our family, we will continue to keep GRACIE in our thoughts.

How can you help!?

There is a GO FUND ME set-up for the family, here.

Or, you can join the GRACIES FIGHT Facebook group and reach out to the family directly.

GRACIES FIGHT Charity Car Show Photos

[flickr_set id=”72157720062195093″]

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