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Lone Star Throwdown 2020

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Lone Star Throwdown 2020 It’s Almost Time!

Lone Star Throwdown 2020 is just around the corner and this will be our 4th year we are heading to Texas to cover the event. To check out our past years coverage, hit up the LST Media section of their website.

So we get asked the question all of the time, is it worth heading down to Texas for LST? Our answer, “hell yea it is!” As we have mentioned in previous years coverage articles this show is one of the most well-rounded shows out there, from the venue, the people, vendors and quality of show rides.

The first year we have attended I was amazed of the southern hospitality, there are waves of people like you see below…if they saw me lining up to take a photo they parted to the side and would literally run out of the way. It was really amazing and I cannot stress enough how great the people are!

Lone Star Throwdown 2020 Crowds…

What to expect at Lone Star Throwdown 2020?

Well, we know for sure there are 2000 bad ass vehicles registered, that’s a given since the show registration is capped at 2000 and LST met their goal New Years Day. Congratulations to the LST staff for a major accomplishment. Not to mention the vehicles registered are not just any show vehicles, you will see several high-end builds at LST who have attended SEMA, Good Guys events, Detroit Autorama and more. As a matter of fact, last years Best of Show went to a 1948 Chevy 5 Window Pick-up known as, “Conumdrum” who was a Great Eight finalist for the prestigious Ridler Award. Check out photos of the ’48 here in our write-up for LST 2019.

Aside from the kick ass vehicles, the vendor spots are always on a waiting list each year, so I can assure you there is some kick ass food, parts vendors, apparel and more! I cannot seem to drag my wife away from the Bayou Billy Sweet Dixie Tea! Yes, she has her own tin mug that she brings with her every year for a refill…SMDH!
Lone Star Throwdown 2020 Vendor – Bayou Billy Sweet Dixie Tea

LSTs Vehicles

You will see everything from lowered….


To raised…


Even cars….but nottttt as many cars as trucks, but you will see a good share of cars mixed in the bunch…

A ton of off-road vehicles…


and of course a ton of families with their kids. Did I mention how family friendly this event is? If not, I apologize, both my wife and 2 Daughters love this show! Here’s an awesome photo I snapped of a Father and Daughter cruising the show grounds. I was able to print and frame this photo and send it to them.


What’s there to do?

Leading up to the event there are a ton of events going on around town. You will have to tune into social media to check them out.

A popular go-to spot is checking out the Ekstensive Metal Works open house.

There are a ton of restaurants and BBQ places around town you will definitely have to hit up!

Conclusion – Lone Star Throwdown 2020

This is an event you need to put on your bucket list. If planned properly plane tickets are cheap, hotels in the surrounding area are real nice and not that expensive, it’s an affordable trip and a very memorable one.

Stay tuned as we will be heading out with the crew next month to capture the event for our LST family. We cannot wait! Be sure to follow Lone Star Throwdown’s Instagram to check out past event coverage and some funny ass memes 🙂

This could be you on February 23, 2020! 😂You gotta be in it to win it. Make sure to register for the show,

Posted by Lone Star Throwdown on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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