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SEMA Show 2016 Teasers - stitchcraft-mustang
Credit: StitchCraft

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SEMA Show 2016 Teasers – Renderings and Video

SEMA Show 2016 Teasers – Follow along as we comb the interwebz to get a glimpse at what builds are going to grace us with their presence at the 2016 SEMA Show. Truth be told, car builders across the world are more than likely sitting in a pile of parts right now. The SEMA crunch is not myth as preparations are made to get their latest creation to Las Vegas and make good with the commitments to the manufactures and sponsors as promised.

Of course the SEMA Show is an opportunity for the automotive manufactures to display their vehicles partnered with aftermarket companies who want to display their products. The CarShowz Crew will be heading out to SEMA 2016 to capture the awesomeness of the show. You can tune in on any of our social media channels (on the right side bar of our website) as we will be blasting out teasers throughout the week (Nov 1 – 4).

Check out some of the teasers below.

Mustangs & More – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers gives us a quick glimpse at some renderings of Ford Mustangs and Fusions. To read more via, click here.

Ford F-150 Trucks – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers gives us a glimpse at a few trucks that will represent the Ford F-150 line-up at SEMA. To check out more from MotorTrend, click here

Hyundai and Rockstar – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers

HYUNDAI teams up with Rockstar performance garage to create a nitrous-based Rockstar Sante Fe concept off-roader for SEMA. To check out more via, click here


Pixelwerks – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers

@KegMedia Renderings – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers

We are big fans of Kegmedia Digital Garage and they are always whipping up awesome renderings for the latest builds heading out to SEMA. Check out a few here via their Instagram page @kegmedia:

To check out more of Keg Media’s work, visit their website:

@tommybuilt – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers

It’s also great to see East Coast builders in the SEMA mix working hard to get their builds ready for SEMA. Tom Bostic’s Jeep is no stranger to the aftermarket community. Tom has made many revisions to his “Monster Jeep”. You can follow more about this build and Tom’s work by visiting his website:

2016 Kia Sorento – SEMA Show 2016 Teasers

As Autoweek shares the 2016 Kia Sorento, the headline reads:

Kia produces this year’s most confusing SEMA teaser

To celebrate car culture, Kia made … a ’90s house music video?

To check out more from Autoweek, click here

Thanks for checking out SEMA Show 2016 Teasers. Be sure to follow us for the latest SEMA show coverage and teasers throughout the week (Nov 1 – 4). You can follow us here:


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