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SEMA Show 2022 Top 15 Car Builds

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SEMA Show 2022 Top 15 Car Builds

SEMA Show 2022 Top 15 Car Builds – If you have been following my SEMA Show 2022 coverage, you know that I have been doing several top 10 lists.  When it came to the top car builds of the SEMA Show, there were just too many nice builds to limit the list to just 10.  So, you get some bonus coverage as I give you the top 15 car builds from the SEMA Show 2022.

15. First up, Ringbrothers took a 1969 Mach I Mustang and managed to make it even more badass.  Their “PATRIARC” is powered by a massive Ford Aluminator 5.2 XS engine, making 580 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque.  On the outside, the changes are subtle, but include a custom rear bumper and several carbon fiber parts including the hood, side scoops, and rear diffuser.  One of the hidden features of this car is the Roadster Shop FAST TRACK Stage III chassis that was widened, lengthened, and converted to unibody.  All told, Ringbrothers put over 5000 hours into this build.

14. Kindig It Design brought along a few cars, in particular I was drawn to their restomoded 1971 Chevy Nova.  The outside looks mostly stock, but upon further review you’ll notice that the bumpers are nicely tucked, the door handles have been updated, and the vent windows have been deleted.  Under the hood is extremely clean with a shaved firewall, no visible wires, and a custom radiator cover.  It is no surprise that the interior is completely custom as well featuring a custom dash, D-shaped steering wheel, custom door panels and custom seats.  This is another great build from Dave Kindig and his crew.

13. Next is a 1933 Ford roadster built by Garret’s Rod Shop in Columbus, OH.  The aviation theme is done really well, from the shape of the steering wheel to the custom dash, to the gas cap, to the Army green finish.  There are many unique aspects, but I am especially a big fan of the 8 exhaust pipes coming through the sides of the engine compartment.   The engine compartment is especially clean, and I am fan of the bomber jacket inspired upholstery.

12. Torn between owning a Mustang convertible or a fastback, the folks over at The Custom Shop decided to give their clients both.  “Double Down” is a 1966 Mustang convertible re-engineered with a removable fastback hardtop.  Since the car is intended to be driven regularly, the drivetrain was kept relatively tame featuring a modern Ford Coyote V8, Baer brakes, and a 6R80 transmission.  The outside features molded-in ground effects, hood scoop, and a chin spoiler.  On the inside, Apex Leather covers the seats and Sony provides the audio.  All in all, it is a very unique and creative build.

11. This 1966 Chevy Nova, built by Austin Phipps, was a finalist in the Battle of the Builders Young Guns category.  Under the hood, a Whipple supercharger was mounted onto an LS3 engine and the firewall was completely shaved without any exposed wiring or even a master brake cylinder.  On the outside, the door handles and wipers have been completely shaved giving a clean look.  Inside, the one-of-one TMI interior nicely complements the customized all metal dash, sourced from a 1959 Impala.

10. This next ride is a little more than a car, it is actually a wagon.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner, but I am fairly certain it is a 1958 Chevy Delray 2 door Delivery Wagon.  On the outside, the trunk handle has been shaved and Kindig It Design door handles were used up front.  The bronze grill and interior nicely complement the striking orange paint.  The wagon sits low to the ground thanks to what I assume is an air ride suspension.  Under the hood, nearly the entire engine compartment has been shaved except for the Wilwood master brake cylinder.  On the inside is a mostly custom interior fitted around the stock dash.  Overall, it is a clean build and my favorite wagon at the SEMA Show.

9. How do you make a 1969 Camaro even better?  You give Ringbrothers 6500 hours and tell them to go crazy.  Their “STRODE” Camaro turned this classic muscle car into a modern beast with timeless styling.  While the body looks stock, the carbon fiber body was digitally modeled to give the car a more aggressive look.  This includes widening the rear 5” and widening the front 3”.  Under the hood is an LS3 that has been supercharged to yield over 1000 hp.  The Upholstery Unlimited interior is completely custom and features Dakota Digital gauges and a custom roll cage.

8. “Dirty Martini” is a 1961 Chevy Impala built by Big Oak Garage in Alabama.  Every single body panel on this car has been modified in some way.  The front windshield and rear window we both lowered 4.5”, the rear quarters were reverse sectioned (adding metal making them taller) 2.5”, and the entire body was channeled 1.25” to lower the stance.  Under the hood sits a Lamar Walden 509 cu in engine producing over 630 hp, which has been nicely topped off with many chrome adornments.  Inside the car, the off-white leather interior from Recovery Room Interiors sets off the custom painted dash featuring Dakota Digital gauges.

7. This next one is truly one of a kind.  Designed by Chip Foose, this 50’s inspired roadster was built completely from scratch by Luc De Lay of Marcel’s Custom Metal.  Without any body filler or paint to hide behind, the body panels had to be absolutely perfect, and they are.  The craftsmanship is second to none.   Amazingly, this is not just a show car, De Lay built the car to be driven regularly. 

6. The CF1 is a modern interpretation of a 1953 Chevy Corvette, reimagined by Kindig It Design to fit larger drivers and bring a modern driving experience.  This particular build was unveiled as the SEMA Show 2022.  The dark blue exterior and white interior is exceptional striking.   Custom touches include the CAD designed “8 stack” poking through the hood and a set of one-off custom wheels.  Kindig brought four CF1s to the SEMA Show, this one was by far my favorite.

5. “PROhibition” is a 1936 Pontiac two door sedan built by the Garaj Mahal.  With over 7000 hours of build hours, this car was a Great 8 finisher at the 2022 Detroit Autorama.  On the outside, the bumpers, door handles, and even the door hinges have been shaved.  Under the hood sits a monster Borowski LS turbo charged V8 engine producing 1,100hp.  The completely custom interior comes together nicely with a whiskey barrel theme and digital gauge cluster.  This car is moonshiner’s dream.

4. This white 1960 Impala is the cleanest and best low rider I have ever seen.  On the outside, the body lines are mostly factory, but nearly all of the chrome on this car has been engraved including the spare tire, wheels, grill, and even the side view mirrors.  Under the hood sits an immaculate engine with even more sick engraving topped off with metal flake pinstriping.  The trunk is filled with the air ride system and nicely trimmed with LED lighting and airbrushed murals.  Finally, the interior is filled with more LED lighting, a custom dash, custom door panels, custom seats, a star field behind the rear seats, and a lot more engraving including the sun visor.  The level of craftsmanship is top notch.

3. Troy Ladd and the folks over at Hollywood Hot Rods put together our next ride, a 1932 Ford Coupe.  I have to admit that if I were picking exterior colors, brown would not be top on my list.  However, on this car, it is hard to imagine it in any other color.  The brown makes all of that chrome in the grill, wheels, exhaust, hood vents, and engine really pop.  Speaking of the engine, it is a 331ci Cadillac engine fitted with twin Stromberg 97 carburetors.  I just love the way the exhaust sneaks out of the side.  The interior is totally custom including upholstery by Elegance Auto Interiors.  A couple features that make this car unique are the leather hood/trunk straps and the incorporation of over 3000 rivets.

2. This Mercedes 300SL is by far and away my favorite color combination at the SEMA Show.  The orange interior simply pops from every angle.  “La Bleu” is actually a second-generation Mercedes SLK 55 AMG fitted with S-KLUB LA’s 1955 fiberglass widebody 300SL body.  So, it has all of the classic looks with a modern and comfortable drivetrain.  This car is claimed to be the first gullwing widebody version of a 300SL.  The stance looks just right thanks to the HRE wheels with drilled and slotted brake rotors.  While the outside is stunning, the real story here in the interior.  The quilted leather is simply breath taking and there is just right amount of chrome to accent everything.  I have never seen anything like and probably never will again.

1. The car topping my list is a 1931 Chevy nicknamed “ShoBird”.  Owners Rick and Patty Bird turned to Bruce Harvey’s Pro Comp Custom to build their dream car.  This $2.5M build does not disappoint.  Looking at the car from the front, you cannot help but notice those twin 72mm turbos sitting in front of that 509 cu in (8.3L) vintage Chevy W engine rumored to make over 1400 hp with the proper tune.  While most of the body has been customized, my favorite features include the 5” chopped roof, totally radical rear fenders, and custom exhaust integrated into the running boards.  The stance is just right thanks to 18×7 wheels up front, 20×15 wheels in the rear, a hand fabricated frame, and a custom cantilevered front suspension.  As you might image, the interior is extremely custom too including a custom dash, custom overhead console, and of course custom seats from Bob Kirik Upholstery.  This car won the 2022 Riddler Award and is also my top car build of the SEMA Show 2022.

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