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Signature Wheel SV602

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Signature Wheel SV602 Forged Monoblock Attack Series

Signature Wheel SV602 Forged Monoblock Attack Series in matte black absolutely gave the CarShowz 2020 Shelby GT500 a different look. With an overall savings in weight, 35LBS, the Attack Series wheels with the matte black finish was the choice.

Choosing the best wheel and tire combination while ensuring the overall integrity, form, fit and function paired with the vehicle was essential. With ~760HP and the capability to reach top speeds of 180MPH you are not throwing any type of wheel or tire combo on to this vehicle.

Signature Wheel SV602 is the Choice

The decision to go with the Signature Wheel SV602 came with a bit of research. Seeing multiple GT500 running the Signature Wheel brand, I knew they were proven. Seeing the customer service provide by Signature Wheel representative, Terrance, and the overall stance of the vehicles shown in the photos, reaffirmation with checking out the wheel specifications, I proceeded with my order.

Wheel Specifications

Signature’s Attack Series of custom forged monoblock wheel is engineered for maximum performance and designed specifically for the tough environment of today’s racetracks where added strength and lightweight design is of the utmost importance.

  • Available in 18 – 20inch
  • 100% Truly Custom Forged Wheels
  • Production time is approx 4 weeks
  • Forged T6061 Aluminum Machined
  • OEM TPMS and lug compatible
  • Concavity depends on car model

Terrance included the motorsports options with the friction lock which was another level of confidence that the wheel and tire combination will be able to handle the horsepower and most importantly torque that this car can lay down.

Additional research trying to decide which wheel to go with came after seeing a post in one of the GT500 Facebook groups of the SV602 in matte black finish. I know most folks would like a one-off wheel, custom to their own, but there are several GT500s running this wheel and so far, none in my area. I wanted something proven and not have to worry about dialing in the wheel.

I knew I needed to figure out whether I wanted to swap everything over from the stock wheels or just purchase a new set of everything so I can easily swap the wheels back and forth if desired. I decided to go with the new set of everything, so the research began…

  1. Find a tire, which I went with the OEM / stock size of 305s in the front and 315s in the rear
  2. Tire pressure monitor sensors
  3. Lug nuts (black)

Mounting, Balancing & Ceramic Coating

I reached out to a mutual car friend / enthusiast that most of the local gear heads use when it comes to mounting and balancing their wheels. Jimmy is the mad scientist, like Jessie from Fast and the Furious. He knows his stuff and I know the wheels and the car were in good hands. Jimmy also arranged for me to have the wheels ceramic coated which is highly recommended on any wheels, but most importantly a matte black finish. Protecting the wheels from contaminates, road debris and to overall help maintain the structure of the wheel, the wheels were sent to Signature Finishes located in Brooklyn, Maryland. Tommy and Montoya at Signature Finishes know their stuff. I mistakenly did not give Tommy a heads up that the wheels were matte black, right away Tommy knew he had to order the proper ceramic coat for the matte wheels. That is especially important if you want to maintain the look and finish that the matte black displays versus a satin look if the wheels were coated with just anything.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System & Lug Nuts

Lastly it was important that the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) worked properly. I purchased a set online; Jimmy scanned the sensors and right away told me they were the wrong set. Thankfully, the mad scientist had what was needed on-hand. A new set of sensors not only were they the right kind, but they also had black valve stems which obviously would go better than the chrome stems that I have purchased.

I purchased black chrome style lug by Gorilla from CJ Pony Parts which was much better than the stock chrome lugs that were on the OEM wheels, completing the entire wheel and tire package.

Signature Wheel SV602 – Shelby GT500

Final Thoughts on the Signature Wheel SV602

Like with anything, it took me the drive home and staring at the new wheels in the garage for me to really like them….haha

The attack series is an aggressive look, a bit of poke out of the rear wheel well which I am getting used to. The car rides great, as a matter of fact on the way home, I told my wife that it felt smooth, just as smooth as the OEM wheels. A second drive to photograph the wheels it felt great! Overall, I am very happy with the look, fitment and the way the car drives. After looking at the wheels in photographs, truly makes me respect them even more. They look great!

Thank you to everyone who was involved and for making this purchase and installation easy!

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