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Twizted Intentions Maryland Presents – Cruise to Cancun Cantina 2

Cruise to Cancun Cantina 2 by

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Twizted Intentions Maryland Presents – Cruise to Cancun Cantina 2

The Twizted Intentions Maryland Chapter hosted the Cruise To Cancun Cantina 2 on July 26th, 2015. I was disappointed I was not able to attend personally as I had a committment for a function at work, but Steve Jones was in attendance and was able to grab some awesome shots and we had a crew of folks representing.

With the parking lot jam packed, there’s no doubt that the Twizted guys are going to need to find a larger venue in the future. To change it up a bit the club provided custom trophies to hand out to the winners of the car show. It’s pretty cool to see the creativity that goes into these awards and the shows in general.

Check out some of the coverage below by Steve Jones.

Twizted Intentions Maryland – Cruise to Cancun Cantina 2


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