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LG Motorsports, Nitrous Express and a C8 Corvette!

LG Motorsports and Nitrous Express wanted to test the limits of the C8 Corvette at TX2K and that’s exactly what they did. TX2K is an action packed event with 230 mph roll race battles, ultimate drag race matches, a car show, dyno competition, and a swim suit USA Bikini contest. I’m sure you’ve seen posts hit social media with the C8 on a rollback in the middle of the track and folks quickly spreading the hate. At the end of the day, sh*t happens in research and development and of course folks out there in social media land want to see those fail. Butttt, something tells us this is not the end of the LG Motorsports, Nitrous Express and the C8 mission.

LG Motorsports posted this:

TX2K has officially come to an end, and we have had fun every inch of the way! We thoroughly enjoyed talking to hundreds racers, spectators, and crew members about the car today. Ideally first testing is done at a private track day but it was raining in Dallas and we were anxious so we drove the C8 from our facility in Anna, TX straight to the event in Houston, TX & got started! We began with a pass naturally aspirated leaving off of the foot brake without launch control performing a 12.11 at 118. It came time for our 2nd pass which we decided to do on spray because of our very limited number of runs.The car didn’t like spraying in first and would not shift to second until we let off the nitrous and the throttle. We ran a 12.09 but at 124. Later in the night we got the chance to run the car one more time, the car left the line great, hit the nitrous in second to which the passenger side axle said no thanks. It sucks but these are the experiences that we draw from to guide our customers on their vehicles. We want to thank all of our friends at Nitrous Express who provided us with the first LT2 dedicated nitrous plate system, and all of our friends on and off the track that supported us today and continue to do so! We thank you for choosing LG Motorsports!

Plenty of Room to Grow

LG Motorsports FB post 3/14: We’re here at TX2K having a blast with many good friends here in Baytown! We got our LGC8 here in good time and have begun testing which put us against a MKV Toyota Supra! A great baseline with much room to grow this evening with a little help from our friends at Nitrous Express so stay tuned, and thank you for choosing LG Motorsports.

LG Motorsports TX2K time slip.

C8 Corvette – The Journey

If you are not following LG Motorsports on Facebook, give them a like and follow their journey. Here’s a series of posts following the C8 journey to TXTK and the result.

A little treat for those attending TX2K. We’ll see you soon.😉#LGMotorsports #Corvette #C8 #NitrousExpress #LT2

Posted by LG Motorsports on Saturday, March 14, 2020

The first C8 in the world on a complete plate system dedicated to the LT2 thanks to the great people of @nitrousexpress We’ve touched down in Houston, so stay tuned, and thank you for choosing LG Motorsports! #tx2k #lgmotorsports #c8 #corvette #houston #nx #nitrousexpress

Posted by LG Motorsports on Saturday, March 14, 2020
C8 Broken Axle


Posted by LG Motorsports on Sunday, March 15, 2020

We are looking forward to see what LG Motorsports does with the C8 platform. Pushing the limits and setting the bar is always a fun journey that many shops are afraid to do. Stay tuned…

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