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WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering Cover
Photo by Jim Wiltse

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WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering (WCG) – Coverage

WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering Submission by: Jim Wiltse

Editors note: A few weeks ago I received a message on Facebook from Jim sharing a few photos from a car event out in Las Vegas. What I miss about the car community is the togetherness these kind of events bring. Lately the scene seems to be more about the challenge of who can get their photo or video to go viral on social media; everyone is always attached to their phones like zombies. What I would like to do is highlight more of the local shows, the guys and gals who hustle and grind on the daily to get that next part for their ride or the close-knit car clubs who hold it down from event to event. The WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering (WCG) is exactly that, everything I mentioned above and what I used to remember when we rolled around together as a club with close friends and family. Thank you Jim for bringing the West Coast flavor to here on the East.

Content by Jim Wiltse

WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering (WCG) is an annual event showcasing the 1991-1996 B-Body (Impala SS and Caprice) car scene put together by SSin City SS and Cali-SS car clubs and held in Las Vegas, NV.  This year WCG was held 14-16 October, marked the twelfth year of the show, and was the biggest (128 registrations) and best to date!  Each year the show has grown and gotten better with more sponsors and participants.  From bone stock to heavily modified rides and everything in-between, this event has it all and brings people together from car clubs in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Las Vegas.  What sets this event apart from other car shows is this truly is a close knit community.  Owning a 91-96 Impala SS or Caprice puts one in a car family like no other, as the car clubs are spread out across the country and wherever you go there will be someone there you can connect with and will help in whatever is needed.  WeSSt CoaSSt gathering in not just an annual car show, it is an annual family gathering!

The event kicked off Friday night with the meet & greet held on the top floor of The Plaza hotel parking garage.  This was the host hotel and everyone had a great time seeing our B-Body brothers & sisters again and also for participants to register and receive their “Goodie” bags for the car show.   After a great night, Saturday was met with beautiful weather and to gather everyone up to cruise for to the car show location held at Veteran’s Park in Boulder City.  As everyone can attest to, nothing beats the sight of 50+ B-Body cars lined up and cruising together on the highway!  Needless to say we turned a lot of heads!    The car show at the park in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone kicking back enjoying the day, checking out the rides and having a great time.  Sunday was the awards banquet held at the Lindo Michoacan Mexican restaurant where participants were treated to great buffet of food.  After eating the  awards were announced and trophy’s handed out.

This year’s car clubs included registrations from SSin City SS, Cali-SS, So-Cal INC, Nor Cal B-Bodies, New Mexico INC, San Antonio INC, Vegas INC, Arizona INC, St Louie INC, Impala Crew, NMISSO, ISSCA.

WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering Photos

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